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Graduation Requirements

Fall SemesterSpring Semester
ClassificationShould start witihShould start with
Sophomore50 credits80 credits
Junior110 credits140 credits
Senior170 credits200 credits


Students earn variable credits based on 1 unit of credit for 12 hours of completed and passing work in a course.  Credits are gained upon successful completion of all contracted course work for each class.  It is extremely important for each student to earn 5 credits in each course.  If the student returns to a comprehensive high school with less than 5 credits, he/she may be required to repeat the entire course.  DeWolf follows a traditional grading system. 

Courses and Credits Required for Graduation

English Language Arts40
American Government5
U.S. History10
Modern World History10
Biological Sciencee10
Physical Science10
Biological/Physical Sci.10
Algebra I10
Physical Education10
Foreign/Language Arts10

Grading Systems

Students earn a letter grade (A, B, or C) for the quality of their assigned work completed. Students should earn a minimum of 20 credits each quarter (9 weeks)—but the overall goal is 30 credits per quarter/60 credits per semester. Credits may also be earned through approved courses offered through Fresno Adult School, Work Experience, Dual Enrollment and Community Service as well as Night and Saturday classes available at DeWolf High School.

All DeWolf students will be enrolled in a six period day.  All students should complete 30 credits per semester.  By completing the independent study work a student may add additional credits to equal the 30 which are required each semester.

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